Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pour Some Sugar on Me. In the name if love!

Hey guys and gals!

I know its been a few days but I wanted to let you know I have been working a very busy schedule and my laptop charger is busted...I have a second laptop but it keeps freezing on me! It has not been a fun experience. I am doing my best to get my butt on track to get you guys the info you tune in for! Its coming. Until then, hang in there and be good. No going out and getting into trouble just because I'm not there! Hahahah LUV YA!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh sweet weekend...How I miss thee!

 My Day started out pretty good yesterday. I got all did up and was feeling ready. Ready for some sweet fashion deals. Ive been keeping my eye out for anything. Im talking shoe, dresses, bags, you name it. So of course I hit up the local buy and sell thrift store first and found these SWEET Carlos Santana Purple leopard boots. ( I had no idea he had a line of anything either!)
 I'm a 6.5 and these boots are a 7. I was very concerned they would be too big so I put them on...Hmmm...a bit thought to myself  "Self, maybe its the snowboard sock you wear all winter that are making them feel tight. Maybe you should take them off." So I went into the dressing room to remove my pants, to remove my sock because my socks went to my knee and skinny jeans just don't leave room for pulling up...Shoes were still too snug. Guess my foot is wider then most women Carlos Santana knows! UGH. Fail!!! So sad. They are so hot!
 I wrapped my day up with a trip to grocery store because basically every attempt at deals or bargins was an EPIC fail the rest of the day. I decided I was going to try and make my grandmothers Broccoli Cheddar soup...EPIC FAIL! my milk didn't cheese separated! It doesn't taste just has a "chewy" consistency. How the crap do you get cheddar cheese to melt without doing that!? Yes, I'm open to suggestions.
There it soup fail...though I'm still eating it because I can't bare to waste it. If it was nasty I'd toss it but crackers help!

So how was your weekend?! 


Saturday, March 26, 2011

Happy Saturday! Ready to get my shop on!

Every weekend I look forward to getting out there and finding the best deals on the best pieces for my wardrobe. Today may be a Plato's Closet day as my starting point. Plato's Closet store have all different names depending on where you are from but the idea is the same. You bring in your gently worn clothing and if they like it they give you about 5-10% of what its worth in cash. Most people are shocked by how little they pay you for your things but after they buy it from you, they have to turn around and try and sell it for more to make a profit. Either way it is going to be my starting point today. I have to take a shower, maybe do a little more laundry, get dressed and ready, got get my check from work and get on with my day!

I have to say that music videos make me want crazy awesome outfits. Sequins suspenders and shiny black booty shorts... SOOO AWESOME! I have very much grown to love sparkly, shiny things. As you know ive been a huge fan of Betsy and her things are shiny. I am also in the market for some metalic shoes. I think this summer is gonna be my "all out" summer. Maybe I will even explore the wonderful world of waxing! lol YIKES! hahaha we will see. :) I certainly have a very small amount of summer clothes. Mostly long dresses you see everyone in. I think the thing that holds me back a lot of the time with what I wear is, I never have any place to go. I mean you can only go to the mall dressed up so many times before you need to grown up. Lol! Maybe a backyard barbie or something. There is usually more going on in the summer so we will see. I have a feeling i will be working too much to get the chance to do TOO much. 

Ok, time to get my tush moving! More later. Watch twitter for updates throughout the day!


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Must Focus...must focus...wait...what?

Ok, so this week has been almost like Ground Hog Day with Bill Murray (sp.) I have to say not much has changed with my mood but if anything I have grown less focused. I may have hit the proverbial "wall." I think working 40 hours a week had caught up to me...and when I say 40...I really mean 50+. I have beeb getting out pretty reasonably most days this week but I am seriously lacking in focus. Tomorrow is the last day of the work week. I am hoping I find enough of what I need inside of me to have a successful day tomorrow! I truly think today was just so disorganized at work that I just felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. Constant distractions and random last min things popping up every 5 seconds...UGH! Moving on...

I want one of these some day soon...Maybe not this exact model but an embroidery machine for sure.

I have to go back to forever 21 and buy this for my boss. She is totally gonna love it. Its from forever 21...guess how much!? wait...maybe I shouldn't tell you...I'll wait on that info :)
 Mimi! In the car on a day off...not one of my best hair days but I just couldn't get it to do anything. Better luck next time on that. Haha, but hey, swanky glasses Ay? They were a freebee from an old work training meeting from an old job. Love the rose colored aviators non the less!
Alright, I have to get to bed. As you know, 6:30am alarm. Night night!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Butter cream+cookies= someone stop me!

So the past couple of days have been pretty rough. I have to say that it gets a bit over whelming sometimes. I am trying to make sure I get enough sleep so that I can work super hard at work. I want to make sure I am doing the best I can.This job is definitely my life. I mean that. I wake up, go to work, come home, eat, go to bed. even when I get out early or "on time" I should be getting out at 3:30 everyday but I cant remember that happening as long as I've been there.It's been a really great experience so far so I have zero intentions of changing my situation.

If you tuned in the past couple posts you know that I have been Ebay Betsy Johnson crazy. Well, I decided to take a break until I see some of the merch. My dad put the sweet idea in my head that im probably buying knock off was enough to put me into full halt mode. Sad but still, he makes a good point. The sites say authentic and have 100% positive feed back. I may have already said this but I assume if someone got knock off stuff, they would have complained and given a bad review.Needless to say I am gonna wait it out a bit.

So reading the Lipgloss and Blacks Blog makes me seriously want a new, sick nasty, pair of shoes! Hahaha they have the best wardrobe and footwear! You ladies keep me wanting more out of my fashonista life!XO!

Speaking of this new life of mine. Here is a sweet pic of some character cupcakes from work today!

Night night all!


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Facebook Page.

So I made a separate facebook page for all my twitter friends and blog friends. I found that it was easier to make a second page then take any other path. I would like to keep you all update on things so come friend me on Facebook.!/profile.php?id=100002281024713

I also watched this amazing video today about a guy who created Skate 4 Cancer. Its really amazing and I felt it was so important to share it with you.

Yes this is a linked out post but hey, things happen.

I had a crazy day. It wasn't bad, it was just tough. I made it through and with flying least in my opinion. I need to get some sleep so I'm heading off to bed. I hope you are all have amazing days and loving life as much as I am. Be sure you tell your friends and family that you love them on a daily/weekly basis. Be good to one another and I will have more pics for you soon!


Monday, March 21, 2011

Betsy Johnson sickness + TV debute = One crazy new life!

ok so seriously...I have a problem. I feel like I have been so held back by money that now that I have this job I am just going CRAZY with buying stuff. Now I have to say I haven't been spending large amounts but small amounts can still add up. As I told you in my last post, I have been getting some pretty killer deals on Betsy Johnson jewelry. I don't know how well received she is on fashion blogs but in my book the woman is AMAZING! I just absolutely love what she does. My mother and I have grown pretty fond of her and we keep scooping up as much as we can on sales we come across. I have to say that some sales are better then others but i found one place where the sales have been impressing the CRAP out of me! I am talking about the wonderful world of EBAY!!! I have found so many awesome deals! I have bought 6 things and only paid a total of $22!!! I know!! now some people say that i will end up with boot leg but lets cross that bridge if we come to it...which we wont :) Ok, so my in store purchases have been a little more then my ebay prices but can only get it for so much in stores. It's super shocking to me that Macy's has better deals then Boscovs...for those of you who don't know what Boscovs is, Its like a low end JC Penny's but with random designer stuff. They have a Clinique counter n stuff....maybe like a low end Macy's even. Either way it looks like it would be cheaper but def NOT for the Betsy stuff.

I have been very tired and busy with work. Even though I had the weekend off...I never got a chance to write because I was trying to catch up on laundry and other chores in between scouring the town for Betsy stuff. I make no major excuses, I was just trying to soak up the free time :) You understand I'm sure. hahah.

As an over all "life change" update, things are still going awesome! Work is keeping me sane, go figure, and also keeping my head above water. Still no health insurance to speak of which is always super lame. Friends are good (the 2 friends i have left other then all of you. :)) I still haven't told anyone knew about my life plan. Well I told one person that I ran into when I went to the community college to learn about the school I intend on going to. Oh...I guess some major news is that I got to do a TV spot for the local news station. Hahaha yes yes, I'm gonna be on the little screen folks. Kinda funny right. It's me at work in front of our flat screen at work saying "its on in here" referring to the news channel being on at the shop. As i say "in here" i do the hitch hiker thumb to the TV behind me. TOTALLY HILARIOUS!!! I got roped into it cuz the TV crew showed up as scheduled and my bosses they never picked anyone to be in it. well they never told or asked anyone to be in only option was me basically. I made the 2 TV guys laugh so it worked out. I asked the interview guy more questions then he asked me!! Hahaha! If I find a Clip of it, ill post it for you. Lol I'm gonna be so uncomfy watching myself!

I hope this makes up for my few days off...I will do my best to not let it happen again! Wanna see some picks of work?

The candy wall photo is throwing up an error. Ill try again later for that one. In the mean time check out my Sunday outfit!

Awesome oversized sunglasses. Heck yeah I totally waved my hair! Bring it! Lol. :)

Need to go to sleep! Night All! P.s. Think good thoughts about my ebay Betsy stuff...It's not knock off...its not knock off...its not knock off...IT IS REAL!!!! (will keep telling myself this)


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Full Belly + Betsy Johnson = Wicked Content

So as you know, it is St. Patrick's Day and many people are having the traditional meal of corned beef and cabbage. My parents always cook carrots and potatoes with the corned beef. Whats your method? I LOVE to mash my carrots and potatoes together with the back of my fork, add butter and top it off with pepper and salt. YUM! I used to eat my Corned beef with "Gouldens" mustard but I found that as i became older, I no longer saw a need for the mustard. How do you eat yours? This meal, by far, is my favorite meal ever. When I was a kid I used to ask my mom to make it as my birthday dinner (which is in Oct.) It's so yummy! I love making sandwiches from the left overs. SO GOOD! YUM!

Ok, moving on to other topics as promised last night...Ah, yes, cupcake adventures! The store was VERY busy today. So many last min dessert buyers. So many people didn't think a head. Luckily we are always prepared! we had to throw together 144 greed frosted cupcakes with piped green shamrocks on them. SOOOO CRAZY! We did it though! We sold out of soda bread before lunch time and kept selling out of anything green. It was awesome and stressful because it was so busy. It made for ok tips but nothing major to write home about. Hey, free money is cool no matter what and people don't have to leave anything so I'm grateful! THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO TIPS!

Did you guys check out the cupcake contest our store is running right now?

***NEW FLAVOR CONTEST*** i love making new ones! so here it is again who ever gets the most votes wins 50 free cupcakes of there flavor!!! our last winner Tiffany Westervelt had 287 votes if you can beat her votes you will get.........i guess you will find out if you win!!!!!!!!
rules: must click the like button under your flavor that your voting for, other postings will not count.!/518getcake
 Go try your luck!
 I went to the mall the other night because I needed a "pick me up" and I decided it was a good idea to check out the Betsy Johnson Jewelry at Macy's. Betsy always puts a smile on my face :) Macy's had some GREAT DEALS!!! See the tag on the boxes said Sale $17.50. NEVER trust the stickers. I had the woman check the prices for me and they rang up 12.25!!! But gets better. So, I picked out 3 things (2 for me, 1 for mom) and put them on hold...Because of my quick thinking I went home and told my mom we need to go to Macy's after work the next day. We made a plan and met at the mall after work the next day. First the woman couldn't find my stuff...the woman who put my stuff on hold forgot my name so my boxes were just there with a note...she rang them in and sure enough still $12.25...then...ready? mom uses her red tag pass, BOOM 10% off. Then, she uses her Macy;s card...another 15% off! it knocked the price down to $10.17. We got two bracelets and a necklace for freaking 30 bucks!!! HOW AWESOME! And that's not even the best Betsy deal we have gotten. We've paid as low as $8 for things before. Macy's is AWESOME! Boscovs however...not so amazing. I caved and bought a winter snow flake necklace for $26.99. I really wanted it and got tired of waiting for it to go cheaper. I was scared I would miss over all less then $60 for 4 pieces of Betsy. I am impressed with myself :) And I want more...its like Sam from Lipgloss and Black and her Cambell shoes! Hahaha, no matter what you always want more! (Shout out to L&B!) That's right, I did a throwback "shout out!" HAHAHAH!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elephants never forget.

I haven't forgotten about you. I have been sooooo busy and its been so crazy that I haven't had time to write or take pics. I will catch you all up as soon as I can! Please don't forget about me! I could never forget about you!

Things to come:
-Cupcake Adventures
-St Patty's Day Dinner
-Cupcake Contest
-Betsy Johnson Super Deals
-Much MUCH MORE!!!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sleepy Sunday night.

HEYO! I'm wicked tired. I waited all day to catch you up and I'm exhausted...First things First...Today's Outfit!!
Don't you Love the mess in my living room? Haha, I have been working so much that I haven't had much energy for anything else. I have to be up tomorrow at 6:30 am. I know I will get some sleep tonight because I could close my eyes and pass out right now. 

I went out today with my mom and I have to say, having feet small enough to fit into kids sizes is AMAZING! I got 2 pairs of super cute short boots for guess how much????? $2.00 EACH! thats right TWO DOLLARS!! Two pairs of shoes for $4 bucks!!! You the next best thing to that would be free. Its awesome. You can't even tell they are kids.

I spent more money today at the book store then I did at the grocery store. I have been getting some really sweet deals on things lately. I bought like 3 more journals today and a super cute book. Again I will show you pics tomorrow. I just really need to get to bed. The day sort of ended really quick. 

Ok, I know I have you all excited for pics to come but you will have to wait. :) Isn't it always worth the wait when it comes to pics? I think so! Night night and have an amazing and fulfilling day tomorrow!!



Friday, March 11, 2011


First off, today's AFTER work outfit.

Owl Necklace-Hot Topic
Long Sleeve- Found
Tee-Peoples Liberation
Double Finger Ring- Charlotte Russe
Skinny Jeans-Forever 21
Boots- Target

Can you find the sneaky Chihuahua?

SOOOOOO, Today was one of those "Why am I dropping EVERYTHING!!!" Days. I told my mother about it only to find out that it occurs most often to woman during that wonderful time of the month. Strange huh? I guess it messes with your equilibrium. I will be glad when my balance is restored.

Work was great today. We got so much done and yet we didn't feel rushed or pressured. It was awesome!!

I was at TJ Maxx tonight and purchased this...

It is for young girls thinking about getting involved in the fashion world. It tells you all the different jobs and what they mean and asks you to write in if its a job you would want or not want and why. It also asks you to write down your favorite magazines, photographers, models and so on. Its really cute. It was only 3 dollars so i thought id read through it. I have recently come to love books for young girls. I like to look back at how my brain used to think at a younger, more pure age.

Well I have work in 7 hours so I need to go to bed. More tomorrow!

Night all!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Day 11: Less talk MORE PICS!!!

The Work Uniform...Minus sneakers...

Want to learn how to make an amazing peanut butter/chocolate cupcake!?!?!? 

Step 1: Start with chocolate cupcakes.

Step 2: Make some YUMMY peanut butter, butter cream frosting. ( I can't tell you the recipe.) Squeeze it right in the middle using a piping bag. Don't over fill out your cupcake will EXPLODE!!

Step 3: Using a Star tip, pipe butter cream on top as well.

Step 4: Top with a peanut butter cup and drizzle with melted candy chocolate!!!ENJOY!!!

 YUMM!!! I leave you with all of this tonight. Maybe more tomorrow!! :)


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 10: How to...

Ok, I was just thinking and I really need to find a way to make all black look fab. I am constantly getting frosting and various other baked goods ingredients all over me. My first thought is to wear crappy clothes so I don't mess up the good ones...Now Ive got the idea that I need to rethink my outfit with regard to safety as well.  Haha only a fashion freak would try to find a way to make her uniform less drab. lol that's ALWAYS me. I'm constantly pushing the dress code. Hahah Are you like me?

Sorry so short. The night got away from me.  :) Night Night All!!!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Such a long day!! I don't have a lot of time to write because I badly need to get to bed and sleep but I had a slow day that turned into crazy turbo mode at the end. It was another 12 hour day so I'm beat and if i have one more stranger give me attitude for something i can't control...I may get mean...It's not my store so i have to be nice. Have you ever had a stranger treat you like crap for no reason? Tell me about it!!!

All in all it was a pretty great day. (I totally already typed all this and deleted it by mistake. It never sounds as good the second time. hahaha!) I am working on your pics. I know, I know. I'm horrible. I reminded myself like 5 times today and even asked my boss to remind me to take pics for you all. I did however, manage to walk into a wall today with a tray of cookies in my hand. I saved the cookies but may have crushed a rib. Hahaha, it was awesomely funny. Ever do something hilariously embarrassing?

Ok all, I leave you with a good night and have a super awesome and fulfilling day tomorrow! Till we talk again!!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 8: A Shoveling good time.

Sooooo, it's snowing like crazy outside. It is cramping everyone's style today. The good news is that its most likely the last dumping we will get. I'm ok with one last harah. I certainly wont miss the snow. I have been ready for spring since the beginning of Feb. I have never been a cold weather girl. I love getting to wear layers in winter but I love the freedom summer brings. You don't need to start your car or bundle up before you leave the house. Especially when you have to leave last min. How do you feel about Summer Vs Winter? I need to get some groceries today because I will be working all week and wont have the energy to go after I get out. The snow is holding me back because I need to be plowed out and the man who does that is MIA. I am doing laundry and cleaning until I work out the plowing. Here is a pic of my poor baby.

Moving on, I seem to have gotten some sleep last night SWEET! I feel pretty good but kinda sluggish. I still have quite a bit to do on my chore list but Ill bang out most of it in the next 2 hours just because I'm tired of the mess. Like I said, Ill be at work all week so I wont want to do it then. Might as well get it over with so it doesn't plague me at night and keep me up. 

I had some ramin for lunch and I'm hoping it gets me through till I make it to the market. We will see, we will see. So, what is the weather like where you are? what are you looking most forward to wearing this summer?

I would LOVE to show you my outfit but...My pajamas are not the most fashionable. I will say that I'm rocking a Hello Kitty Bathrobe, pants and slippers! Hahaha, yes i have been a Hello Kitty kid since about 4 years old. I'm not one of those new wave HK lovers, I'm a lifer! Anyone else out there a "HK Lifer?" 

Oh alright...Here's a pic. Cuz I love you :)

Oh you didn't think I was gonna put my face in the pic did you?! Hahaha!

Alright, time to go do the chores. I will see you back here later! More pics then!!



Day 7: Last min giveaway chance!

This is gonna be a short one but...

@ is hosting a $100 ShopBop gift card giveaway! Go check it!  

I thought you guys might wanna jump in on this and take advantage. I didn't feel it was right to be selfish about it! Give it a shot and let me know if you win!!!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Day 7: Kick It!

Check out my new work kicks! hahahha!

No, they aren't purple. My camera phone just sucks. Anywho, New Balance! Do you like them? Aren't they soooooo hot!?!?!? LOL! Ok, ok, I know. They are not the best looking things in the world and trust me, I am not a ran of sneakers in the first place. If it wasn't for the job, I wouldn't have bought them. However, because I need serious help due to chronic leg pain, these puppies are top notch. My boyfriend goes to school in NYC and he has a pair. He SWEARS by these things so I picked up a youth pair. They rock so far but I can't wait to give them a solid test run at work on Tuesday.

Work has been a blast. I know I told you about it last night but I am a bit more awake now. I finally got some sleep so I am feeling a bit revived. This whole "going back to work full time" experience has been really good. I have been getting up really early so I'm no longer awake until 3-4am. Well, I still am in a way because of the tossing and turning but I'm no longer doing the "wide awake, bored out of my mind, lonely, watching tv," thing. I have felt so much more accomplished. I have said that before in previous posts and I still feel that way. I think the close people in my life are so happy for me. I feel 100% happier with myself. I also have to add that all of this work is doing wonders for my legs and butt. Though my legs feel pain, I can see them getting toned up. My butt is certainly getting a work out. It is always good to get exercise and I haven't gotten any in months until now. I couldn't have a better job. Everyone I work with is so happy and fun. We work when we need to and play when we have the time. I love that we get to joke around and make a mess. It's nothing short of extremely awesome!

So i want to share a little but of my home life with you all. Here is a pick of one of my puppies sleeping in front of the space heater. His name is Jack and he is a Chihuahua. 

Front view another time. I don't want to give it all away at once!!! ;) Isn't his back cute? Hahaha! 

Time to get some lunch. It's gonna be a Ramin day. Maybe the rest of my clam chowder soup. :) I'm so happy that things are going so well. I have changed my life in a week! Best change I have ever made! How are you doing? Whats the best change you have made in your life to date?


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 5-6: Oops!

Sooooooo yeah I know. I totally skipped a day. HOWEVER! I have an awesome excuse! ...I was totally working a 12 hour day and when I got home I threw my clothes in the wash, ate the other half of my sub from lunch, took a shower and went to bed. Now if any of you have been paying attention to how I should know that as tired as I was, i still rolled around quite a bit...otherwise I would just have said "I passed the eff out." Except, I'm not a liar, so I wont. 

It has been an awesome couple of days...well an awesome week. I haven't worked this hard in years but it feels so good to be busy. I love that they days fly by and there is always something to do. For being Saturday, it was a pretty slow day people wise but we got a lot of cleaning done, then messed it up, then cleaned again. Hahaha I wish i was joking. We get frosting pretty much every where. I always seem to get frosting IN my NOSE! Haha, its crazy!

I have learned quite a bit so far. I am not sure if you all are interested in exactly WHAT I do at work but ill give you a small run down. This week I have learned, how to run the register, all the types of cupcakes I have met so far, how to fill cupcakes with some type of filling, where most things are in the shop, how much almost all the items we sell are, food laws and regulations...All kinds of stuff.

I am still in a forward motion with my life. Tonight I got out of work an hour after I should have left. There is always just so much to do that I can never bring myself to leave. Tonight was important though. I needed to get some new sneakers. I'm on my feet so much that the New Balance sneakers I have just don't hold up for this kind of work. I found a pair of New Balance 574 classics in a youth 5 which is pretty much exactly the same as a women's 6.5. I spent less then $40 on them so that's always awesome. Saving money rocks!

eyes closing...must get sleep...night all...will catch you up better tomorrow. Promise!

Night night...sorry if anything is messed up. I tried to proof this before I posted but, i started to fall asleep.

Pics tomorrow. I know, I suck. The hard work will pay off for us ALL!!!

PIC!!!! My Favorite Cupcake at work, Chocolate Peanut Butter!


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Day 4: I'll Take a Dozen.

Ok, so the first day is over! Are you ready to hear how it was? Are you? Are you reeeeaaalllyy!?!?!? It...was...AWESOME! I truly love it. you guys have to check them out on facebook. That's right, I'm name dropping. Sweet Temptations, Crap! I forgot to take pics for you!! I will tomorrow though. I learned all the different flavors of cupcakes and all the prices. I also learned a bunch of other general "first day" stuff. I have to say that it totally reminds me of the ice cream shop job, truly, amazingly, Awesome! I go back in tomorrow at 8am. After I get all trained ill be there at 7:30 am. Brutal I know but that means I get out earlier then most 9-5ers. The work can be mentally taxing because it can get busy quick but its totally worth it! I love being busy at a job. Give me too long to be bored and I lose motivation. I def need better shoes. My New Balance sneakers are not comfy enough. After work tomorrow, new sneakers are a MUST.

I have to say I'm having a hard time concentrating right now. I'm so tired that I keep getting side tracked. I had first day jitters last night so sleep never came. Just a lot of rolling around. I will be more then happy to pass out at 8:30, if I last that long.

Other then that, I don't have too much else to tell you. Sad, yes I know but the lull will end. It always does. Ever since I made the choice to change my life, even though it can be tough at times, I am still so much happier. I feel so much better about the direction my life is headed. I am certainly starting to feel more accomplished. I have a better sense of purpose now. I'm probably overly proud of myself but if I'm not, who will be? I have to be happy and proud in order for others to feel that way about me as well. My friend has been having a hard time at work. It's been bringing him down lately and he said that my happiness with my new job actually cheered him up today. THAT is the kind of person I want to be. The kind who's happiness is infectious, not annoying or overwhelming. 

Oh man, it's 8:30...after a few minuets of is 8:38. lol, ok time for bed, pics tomorrow. The outfit today was all black yoga wear. Hahah trust me, I'm doing you a favor by NOT posting a pic. 

Night, night all! 


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 3: The glass of water by my bedside.

This is going to be a short one folks! I need to go to bed so I can get some kind of sleep for my first day at the bakery tomorrow! Woot, Woot! 

I won't be able to write in the morning so you will have to wait till I get home to hear from me. I know you are all sad about that but dry those tears! I will be back soon enough and I PROMISE it will be well worth the wait! (lol I love Family Guy! Sorry it made me laugh) Aaaannnddd now that I'm done being distracted...I don't think I have any pics to end with tonight...lame. Again, I will make up for it tomorrow! I'll try to snap some shots for you all without getting yelled at for slacking on my first day. I bet if I ask she will be cool with it...not that you guys need to hear me think out loud, HAHAH! 

I have a few ideas you guys might like, by the way, but I don't have enough planned to clue you in yet so...bit your nails and stay anxious!  Oh, it is gonna be awesome for sure!

ok time for bed! Everyone have an amazing night, sweet dreams and please have a wonderful and fulfilling day! 


Ps. I found you a pic I took from before the blog went up...Bonus Outfit!

No break down tonight. I will if requested tomorrow but I need sleep!!!

NIGHT!!! :)

Day 3: Afternoon Delight

I don't often get a chance to do mid day blogs but my day has gone SOOOOO well that I'm home! I shall give you the run down!

Today's outfit!

Black Barre-H&M, Tunic cowl neck-Target, Black leggings-forever 21, Extra long, knit leg warmers-Target, Knee high boots-Target.     

So, I went to the community college and ended up running around like a crazy woman. It was like a wild goose chance, everyone was sending me someplace else and then those people would send me back to the people who sent me there. FINALLY I found a woman, (after a long, maze like travel) who actually listened to me and helped me figure out what I actually need to do. She was awesome! So I basically have to wait to talk to the University I intend on transferring to (in a year.) Gees! Luckily a University Rep will be here on the 16th. WOOT! "But what will you do till then?" you ask? ...drum roll please...


Yup! That's right! I went and saw my friend about the bakery job I told you about this morning and I was hired on the spot! HOW AWESOME! I start tomorrow morning at 8, which should be fun because I have been SUCKING at waking up early. I have FULL intentions of being in bed by 9:30 tonight. Melatonin PLEASE work for me tonight! Now that I have till fall to start classes, it gives me ample time to work and save money! I think it'll be SO much better then being in a mall all summer! They drive around to all different places too, doing deliveries and such so I see it being AWESOME! The summer after I graduated high school, I worked at an ice cream shop. It was the BEST job I have ever had! We got to make fun ice cream sundae's, listen to our own music and eat all the messed up orders! I am not saying I will have that kind of freedom BUT, they DO have a soft serve machine!!!! I'm excited to learn each cupcake flavor and memorize where it is in the case. PUMPED! What was the best job YOU ever had!?

After such an awesome morning I decided to treat myself. Judge me if you would like but here it is...

I had a coupon so I got myself a fish sandwich. I pretty much only have McDonald's about once a year so, I'm good! I feel pretty full now. I actually would LOVE a nap. Do you have any secrete splurges?

After getting more school stuff out of the way and getting a kick a$$ job, I'd say life is shaping up nicely. Not looking forward to FAFSA forms though for financial aid...I need to do my taxes to do the form...the problem is, my dad always does my taxes and because I am keeping myself away from the family so they don't interfere with all of this stuff, I need to find a way to do my taxes on my own...YIKES! Must find friend to help! 

Ok, well I think it's time for a little puppy love and belly digestion. Talk to you all tonight! 


Day 3: Extreme Couponing.

So I had a hard time falling asleep last night. I got sucked into watching "Extreme Couponing" on TLC. I clip coupons and people get a chuckle out of me...I had NO idea how crazy you could be with it. This one guy spent over 5,000 bucks in the grocery store and after all his coupons he paid $241!!! Crazy right!? 

Moving on...On today's agenda I have to, get gas, go to the community college to get the financial aid squared away, stop at my local favorite bakery and see about a job!!!! AWESOME RIGHT!? I struggled yesterday and what do you know was in my mail box when I woke up this morning?!?!? "Do you still need a job, I have some openings." STFU! Amazing Right!? So I'm staying positive about it. :) I may do those light errands I keep forgetting to do. Haha, we will see if I remember today. 

I am feeling a bit groggy but overall good today. It's always nerve racking to think about starting a new job, learning the ropes and what not. I'm excited to have the chance to make some real money! I think after my shower I will feel a bit more energized. I need a morning beverage. I can't drink coffee cuz it makes me sick and most tea does the same thing so, it will either be Ovaltine, hot chocolate, glass of milk or some seltzer. What is your morning beverage? Anything out of the ordinary? ok, I shall post a pic after I am ready and dressed. 

Have an amazingly fulfilling day all!!

I chose Ovaltine. I'm really particular about my Ovaltine and hot coco. I like it well mixed so, I have these small egg beater whisks. His name is "Whisky" according to the company.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Day 2: Sirens and Condolences saved me.

It was a very strange day. I first went to the Kolhs closest to my house to see if the opening I saw on the internet was actually still open...Cosmetics and perfumes...It wasn't...only in stores FAR too far to travel. So I moved on to the local big mall. I hit up Macy's and again applied in the same area. That went pretty well. I hope to hear back. Here's where it gets fun. Macy's is at one end of the mall and I needed to head to JC Penny's Sephora at the other end...(in order to tell you the rest of this story I need to back track a weeeee bit...I just got a new REFURBISHED version of my cell phone,that has been giving me problems, yesterday)...SO, as I'm walking towards the other end, my phone starts acting out. It wont turn the screen on and off when I ask it to. So I took a detour to my carrier and well...they are ordering me a second after an hour I finally make it to JCP and fill out my second online application...EPIC FAIL! I got rejected after all was said and done. I must have answered a question totally wrong because I can not reapply for 180 days...Major rejection. It was the job I was MOST pumped for. Guess it wasn't meant to be. I feel totally old though, I am so used to acing face to face interviews. This online crap is just bull...major major bull. I am thinking about making a phone call. 

Have I bored you yet? Good. So to calm myself down I jacked my friend from work, went to the local burrito bar and downed and order of taquitos while listening to the ENTIRE Sirens and Condolences, Bayside album. I had been thinking about it the other day and how bad I missed it and it just happened to be on. AMAZING WAY TO END THE DAY! So now I'm home, pets are happy and fed and I'm enjoying a bag of bite sized snickers. Hahahah! I have some research to do on the University suggested to me. I will also be making a return turn trip to the community college I will start with, tomorrow. Financial aid crap...Woot. GIVE ME MONEY!!! PLEASE!?!?! 

Anyone have fuel money for me? I'm running out of funds quickly. Haha. Alright well I sort of forgot to take a pic of my outfit in daylight so here's the best I can do. 

Today's Warrior Wear!

 Ok, apartment light at night SUCKS! So forgive the stage floor light look. 

-Gray barre, Kmart clearance.
-Old school fleece scarf, found
-Hoodie jersey blazer, Boscovs
-Shark bite skirt, Rosmarie
-black leggings, Forever 21
-Knee high boots,Target
-Muse double finger ring, Forever 21 last chance
-Tri Pyramid studded double finger, Charlotte Russe. 

I layer A LOT!


Day 2: Attack of the Heart.

So its the morning of Day 2. The sun is shining and it's still undesirably cold, which is normal for winter here in Upstate NY. However, I have to say it was not exactly how I thought I would wake up. I think a bit of fear struck me. My alarm went off at 9:30am and I started to feel anxiety. I started to think of all the "what ifs" and my mind started racing. My heart started pounding and I needed to reached out. I text my close friend and vented all of my emotions. She quickly came to my rescue and helped me settle my thoughts enough to get the crap out of the bed and keep moving forward. I never said I intended on this being an easy task. I decided it was better to get up and be proactive then to just lay in bed and sleep the scared away. I want to feel like I accomplished a superwoman amount of things today by the time I went to bed tonight. I want to stay as distracted as possible to keep myself from feeling any hurt. I need to stay focused and think of all the amazing things that can come of all of this hard work and determination!

Now that we have that out of the's agenda is as follows; wash up, get dressed, head to predetermined places of business and fill out applications. I also have a few light errands that escaped me yesterday. 

I have updated two more friends on my new life plan. They are people who have also supported me through all of this life and business stuff. People that I know wont judge me, want nothing but the best for me and want to see me smile ear to ear all the time. Those are the kind of people you want in your life. They are the kind of people I want in MY life. When all else fails, you always have your friends. So now the tally is up to a total of 4 people who have an idea of what I'm doing. That's enough for now. 

Well it's now 11:24 and its time I kick it into gear and get ready to head out...what to wear...something profesh looking because I need to fill out applications and meet people...Ugh, wish me luck!

Please have an AMAZING and fulfilling day. Leave questions, comments or concerns for me. What are YOU doing to change your life for the better? You can also follow me on twitter for more updates. Emilyspeak