Monday, April 11, 2011

Lets Go Crazy

So it got up to 82 degrees today. The summer makes everything better. There is so much more to do, I feel less constricted by my clothes, my pets are happier, it's just amazing! talk about getting spoiled though with today! THIS is my kind of weather. It makes me feel unstoppable. I love it...which makes me rethink my situation. Here is the update...I can't go to the college I want to go to in the fall because I'm...get credit short...UGH! How crappy! Summer classes aren't covered by Financial Aid so I have to wait...CRAP. This DOES however give me the chance to move out of my parents house...but not on the hourly rate I am currently getting. Even though going away to school has been figured out...because I cant go in the fall...I still don't know what to do about moving out...clearly its smarter to stay where its cheaper but emotionally...I feel trapped but the money I'm making at this job will NOT allow an apt by myself...I'm 26, I should be financially stable enough to live on my own. I haven't figured it out yet.

Ok everyone. Its bed time so I have to go. More fun stuff tomorrow and less yuck. It's all part of the game of life! LOL.


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Time Keeps Ticking Ticking.

Yes its been a selfish of me! So sad really! SO  here is what you have missed...
There are some scary people at walmart...they make me do this face. YIKES!
 I sent this to my sweet "husband" who's all the way in NYC (3hours from me.) It was my "end of the day, don't forget I love you" pic. Sappy but don't act like you wouldn't do it too!
 SOOOOOOOO wanting a Tablet! I have been trying to save money to move out but I can't help wanting certain things. Like a super unnecessary tablet. I could probable get this one for about $100 but my expensive taste wants a flipping Ipad...STUPID INNER DESIRES!!
This bumper sticker is on the back of our delivery van. The guy who drives it constantly destroys the yummy goodies inside because he drives like a maniac. I guess this bumper sticker sums it up. I often feel the same way hahahahha!

Ok, so other then all this lovely stuff...I totally bought more betsy yesterday...I have a problem. I went to Macy's and it was on sale AGAIN! 2 rings, one necklace, one bracelet. about 45 dollars for all 4 items. Freaking steal. So the total on my Betsy collection is...

-9 Necklaces 
-6 Bracelets 
-4 Rings

Now that I have built up my jewelry, it is 100% time to work on wardrobe and shoes. I have enough winter boot stuff so its time for wedges, flip flops and heels. I certainly need some new tanks. The old ones I have go up on my neck too high...time to cut them up or trash them...hmm, what would L&B do? Its time to clear out things I just don't wear. I always say to myself at the beginning of every season "self, if there are things you didn't wear at the end of this season, you are going to get rid of them." so I have a serious amount of sweaters and hoodies. Maybe a few pants in there. Have you done your spring cleaning yet? We will see how mine goes. I hope Plato's Closet will take SOME of it so I can afford to replace what I get rid of. We will see. Ok, I'm off to start my Sunday chores so I can hit the mall for a few things. LATER!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hair Raising!

I have had a great day. My Friday night started out awesome because I finally changed my hair! It is on its way to being exactly what I have wanted for quite some time now. See, I have always longed for some seriously awesome Gwen Stafani hair. Ya know, the sweet platinum blond. Well my hair as you know is many different colors so no stylist friend of mine has ever wanted to attempt the task of trying to bring my hair from color disaster to blond. WELL the day finally came! After being blown off by my usual stylist (and long time friend) I stopped by my other friends salon to bring her a cupcake from work. I had been meaning to bring her one so I figured it was time considering I was head out that way anyway. I told her I had been blown off and she offered to give it a whirl! I already bought my own bleach so that's always a plus and a money saver. We ended up not using what i bought THIS time but it will be used as we continue the process...just so you know, GOOD bleach costs about 40 dollars. I don't mess around kids! So, 4 hours, 3-4 processes and 5-6 shampoos later, here it is!

What do we think!? Miss Erin Kelly Durrant is the most amazing friend. I am so grateful and thankful for her. After working such a long day and long week she put in 4 more hours just for me. What a selfless act of kindness! I hope you all have at least one friend like this.