Thursday, July 28, 2011

What is your Weapon of choice?

Good afternoon!

So I'm super excited to give you another hint about whats going on! I actually already had...yup, totally already gave you a clue! What do you guys love to shop for when you are looking for that unique something to add to your wardrobe? Is it a tee shirt, tank top, maybe a scarf? Or is it that one piece of jewelry you cannot love without? if you could create your own brand, what would your clothing say?

Just food for thought ;)

So I wanted to share some pics with you of recent times that you guys have missed out on.

To start you is what a rainy day poolside looks like...and yes they make us stay till the pool closes incase anyone DOES show up...which they have...cuz people are nuts!
Next up is some of the delicious free...did I mention FREE???? Food!
 Above you see salmon, beef, potato salad, chicken with pasta and a few chunks of pineapple.
This is a yummy roast beef sandwich with potato salad and a pickle!
Our local bookstore chain is going out of business and do not have this book. If anyone has a copy LET ME KNOW PLEASE! (total side note, I know.
 This was a really cute outfit I wore about a week ago. I really loved it because the pants cost me 5 bucks and it was SO comfy!
I feel like this pic should be on the back of my newest book...except I don't write books. Doesn't it look like a bio photo!? hahah and you can see my dogs ear. such a cutie!

Alright thats all for today so stay tuned!


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pool Side Skills.


I know it has been a long time but I promise you it hasn't been time wasted...Well, it has been a little time wasted but!! it IS summer so I think I'm allowed to do that! Back to business!

I have been working on a new project and I promise I will give you all the juicy details about it when I can. however at this point its "too soon." Talk about a teaser! At least I hope you are teased...whats that? you want more? ok! I guess I can give you a little more...I have created more great and amazing things for you to wear but with a twist this time. I will make it more accessible for everyone so no one is left to try to find me at craft shows. I know that was terribly inconvenient so I did away with shows. I may do a show here and there but for the most part you will see me online more then anything. im working on a website, twitter, facebook and blog. not sure if i will keep this blog or not. Too much to decide! BUT SOOO EXCITING! can you feel the excitement yet? CAN YOU???? Hahahah. ok so on that note I shall leave you with today's sweet hair do! Hope you guys are still out there somewhere!