Monday, November 28, 2011

Combustication! Aka, Photo Explosion!

SWEET FOX HAT! (I should really take a better pic)

We are getting closer and closer to the holidays! I'm so excited! I love to shop for others and find awesome deals. It is such a rush for me to find things at wicked low prices and make my money go farther. This year i will be buying some things as well as baking. I make oatmeal cookies every year for each couple in my family. I made them once and everyone demanded them the next year and so on. I usually only make them around the holidays so they are extra special!

I have found some pretty sweet deals so I'm very excited about that. I ended up buying myself the camera i had been wanting since last xmas. It was such a deal I just couldn't pass it up! So it is my xmas gift to myself! I think I may break it out today. I was scared to open the box because I couldn't decide if i wanted to wrap it and actually wait for xmas so it would still be exciting in 4 weeks or if I wanted to start now! Its an Instax camera so it uses a mini form of poleroid film. The film isn't cheap so I know I will be super cautious about taking pics for fear of wasting the film which is NEVER a fun thought! Im trying to stock up by getting good deals on the film where I can. Online prices are basically the same as the stores.  It is just a really fun and creative way to document my life. I have really gotten into making sure I have pictures and memories to look back on. My personal progress has been so positive lately that I just want to keep moving forward. Who wouldn't!?!

Progress on Merch has been a little slow but I hear that I will still have merchandise by friday so I'm beyond excited! It will be a basic run this first time but you have to start somewhere. The brand is still in its infancy so it needs time to grow just like we do. I guess I sort of feel like now that I am in a new stage in my own life that the business is a puppy that will grow WITH me. Along side me. I'm so excited and ready for the challenges ahead!

We still haven't heard back from Godaddy about the domaine name. I will email them shortly. Business cards will hopefully be done this week. I am having trouble shortening the URL for the fan page so it will fit on a biz card. No one seems to have the answer for that and I sent a message to FB but haven't heard back yet. Life is a big waiting game sometimes. Hidden Fox is now playing the waiting game. All I can do is keep working on the things I CAN do and keep checking on the things I cannot.

Some really great stuff on the FB page today.

I have got to get moving But first some Pic treats for you!!

Halloween Costume!

This was my outfit for graduation. Its not the best pic but none of these are. My hands have been so shaky!

Sweet Pompadour! 

This is what the pompadour looked like UNLEASHED! 

I found this really beautiful mural by Shepard Ferry, Creator of Obey clothing. <3 Obey

My Xmas dress I picked up for 14.99 at Old Navy! So sexy right?!?!
(can you spot the sweet smudge on the mirror? so gross!

Hope you enjoy!!!

Miss Mimi Fox!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Hurry Up and WAIT!

Ah yes, the holiday season. What a CRAZY time of year. Its always interesting to see who comes out to join the world in a shopping takeover. Well, last night I decided to brave the crowds and go to Best Buy to pick up a pretty sweet printer. I am sorry to say I missed out only an hour into the store being open...My friend Crystal, ended up with a really sweet flat screen tv! We waited a very long time in line (1.5hrs) but we talked about a lot. We used the time to catch up, vent, laugh and complain about how thirsty we were. We saw a young boy pass out, a pregnant lady stand way longer then she should have, a few friends and a lot of the backs of peoples heads...hahaha. It was a fun experience. I find waiting in lines to be "part of life." I didn't really mind at all.Though I ended up walking out with nothing I felt like the quality time was worth it. It was almost as if the experience was meant to happen so we could bond over something as silly as shopping at 2am! I don't get to do a lot of family holiday shopping so it was nice to have someone there. I didn't really see any prices I was super excited about, guess I really am too cheap! Hey, when I make the money I dream about, it will make all the past heart ache worth it! Crap, should have gone to this one store for Hello Kitty...DANGIT! Hahahah, oh well! :)

When I woke up this morning I felt like I'd been out all night partying. Head not right, stomach aching for food, not really wanting to get up but really pushing myself to not sleep until work at 6pm. So I woke up at 11am and got out of bed at 11:30. Not super bad for going to bed close to 5am. Man I'm going to sleep like a baby tonight. Hopefully a really quiet and peaceful baby. Not a screaming, uncomfortable, "I want my mommy" baby.

I also woke up to quite a few text messages. One being this little guy...
Dan sent it to me! I didn't totally think it was a fox but I guess the tag confirms it. His ears aren't very fox like but boy is his face freaking cute!

You can check out other "Fox Sightings" in the Facebook album.

I'm still working on getting some merch, business cards, etc. I feel like I can spend so much time working and not get much done. I guess I better look into working smart and not harder. Hmmm.

I really hope everyone had a great Foxgiving and didn't eat too much. I bet at some point today you will feel hungry. When you do, think back to how full you may have felt. I bet you will be totally surprised you could ever be hungry again. I LOVE FOOD! I can hardly even go past my threshold for food so over eating doesn't happen much. Maybe a total of 2 times in my life.

Alright! Time to get some work done. Blog post? Check. On to the next one.

Mimi Fox!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Foxgiving Eve!!!

We as foxes are super giving and thankful everyday so I am calling today Foxgiving because I would like to thank all of you for being such an amazing, supportive and grateful skulk! 


Though I couldn't change it on the actual artwork. I should get someone on that. Hahaha! Today is going to be a little tricky. I have a lot to do and only a few hours to accomplish it. Its going to be a tricky day and I can already tell by the freezing cold rain that its not my kind of day! I hope all the skulks out there have found warm and dry places to cuddle today. I need to hit up a few PRE Black Friday sales and run a couple quick errands before the event at Some Girls Boutique tonight (where I work part time.) Hey what better way to learn about running my own business then to work in a similar field?! It all comes full circle. There is a method to my madness! 

We have some really great ideas coming through and I can't wait to officially have PRODUCT! I mean its hard to have clothing brand without any clothes! But hey, thats why I write this blog, to document the journey. No company started with everything they needed off the bat. You have to put one puzzling piece together at a time. I can tell you that if owning your own business is right for you, that you will love every step of the process. Of course you will love some steps more then others! 

Ok time to get moving!! Much to do!

May the skulk be with us all today!

Mimi Fox

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Re pea pea pea pea peat!

The first time I wrote todays blog i accidentally closed the window and deleted the whole thing!!! I was not very happy about that. Lets see how much I can retype. 

The past few days have been pretty jam packed with all kinds of fun and progress. Yesterday I went to see Janet Tanguay, business mentor and supporter extraordinaire! She always finds a way to push me forward if I'm ready or not. I love it because it keeps me from getting lazy about progress. Winter can really slow me down so the push is needed. She threw me into a crazy situation and i have to have product to sell in a week and a half. Today is going to be a tight crunch (it just got tighter because I just got called in to work tonight) so I will need to speed this blog up a bit. I can't believe I deleted the first one! Hahah oh well!!! I will need to pull some strings to be ready for Janet but I believe I can come through.

If you have any ideas about designs, please let us know! We love to hear from our Skulk and we promise we will give you the proper credit and not just take your idea and run. Stealing isn't Foxy. (new design idea? hahah) Also let us know what kind of content you would like to see in our blogs, on Facebook, twitter, etc. We want you all to help shape The Hidden Fox. We created this brand for you so please please talk to us!

Website will still be another month or so before the site is up but we will have a few places to purchase before then so don't worry your fox tails. We got you! Stick with us and everything will come together when its ready to! 

Ok I gotta get moving here so ill leave you with some Foxy Awesomeness!!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Fox Sighting!!!

Red fox - animal, fox, raposa vermelha, red fox
Most of the time when I sit down to write a blog, I never know what I'm going to write about. Today it felt more like I needed to get some things out so I'd like to do that for you if thats ok.

Love is a very strange thing. Over the past year I have noticed an increase in displaced love. Some of us love things/people we shouldn't and do not love the things/people we should. I mean who am I to decided whats worth loving in someone else's life. Which is exactly why I, myself, cannot do much to change this issue other then hope my thoughts jumpstart thoughts in you. Most of us will come to a point in our lives where we will want to be better people, mentally healthier, happy, stronger and emotionally sound. Some wont and that is just part of life. I am super addicted to being around the people who seek change in themselves. When I was younger, I would have tore happy people apart saying it was all BS and those people weren't actually happy and its all a front and fake. Well thats what maturing does to you. :) Maybe when I was younger I was just scared to actually be happy? I actually have a few family members that grew up without affection. So hugs or "your my best friend" and "I love you" doesn't happen very often. I still have hope that it will change. You can never tell if someone can or will change especially if they are of a wiser age. My hope is that people find the same happiness I have by letting happiness and real love into your life!

Jumping subjects a bit...when I woke up this morning I wasn't feeling super amazing. There is a lot of illness going around and I'm hoping my body is fighting back against it all. I ended up back in bed after that last paragraph. I woke up feeling only slightly better and drank some water and got a snack. Im feeling a bit more energized but I'm not looking forward to waitressing tonight. The waitressing job takes such a toll on your body and its certainly taking a toll on me. I don't know that anyone has ever said "I want to be a waitress when I grow up" its a job that only few people in the world could do for years. I'm only 3 months in and it feels like its been forever. Wish me luck! Better take another vitamin C!

(Later after work)

I made it through the night. It was a little rough but I felt pretty good. I think that extra C helped. So as I was in my car ready to pull out of the parking lot at work, I TOTALLY SAW A FOX!!! It made this whole crap day, the BEST DAY!!! I can go to sleep with a giant freaking smile on my face!!!

On that note, NIGHT EVERYONE! 


Mimi Fox! <3

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

This Fox Finished Bootcamp!

Fox And A Deer

Aw! See this is why we need to be good to each other, beautiful moments like this!!!

So last night was graduation for my boot camp class. It was really great! It was quick, which was even better because all of the other graduations I have attended prior to this go on for hours. It was a really positive experience and I'm so grateful for all the support and love and especially the words of encouragement. I didn't place in the competition but I won in my heard. It was such an great experience and I gave the best presentation I have ever given in my life. I have grown so much over the past couple months and that is the best prize I could ever get. I will take some amazing advice I received last night and enjoy my accomplishments over the holidays. :) Haha ok, moving on...

I have been empty idea wise for new blog content but a friend of mine suggested I talk about my team. I don't know if you are all caught up on who makes up "The Hidden Fox" so ill give you a run down. I, Mimi Fox, Created the company and I also own it. My long time friend Dan Auer is our graphics and computer guy. He is also the guy I brainstorm ideas and strategies with. His wife Cindy is a great filter for design ideas as well and is super supportive. Dan has been a huge supporter of this project from day one. I'm extremely grateful to have his support and dedication...other then Dan and I, we really rely on the Skulk family for the rest. Yes that means YOU! 

The Hidden Fox only goes as far as you all take it. We can't do this alone so your support (I feel like I sound similar to a telethon hahah) is extremely important. I received help from my local small business organizations, The Albany/Colonie Chamber of Commerce, friends and family and many others along the way. I have received tons of great advice and support from all over but I/we need you all to help us stay here and grow. So thank you for those who already support us and thank you to future skulk family members. :)

This whole Branding thing is extremely hard, esp if you don't have much experience in it. I look back at my craft business and think "wow this new thing is on such a bigger scale then that." Creating something that you want recognized worldwide is CRAZY! However, it can and WILL be done! 

Ok thats all for now! Have a fantastic day! Be good, be safe and be kind to those around you.  

THANK YOU TO THE GRADUATING CLASS OF 2011 at the Albany/Colonie Chamber of Commerce!!!

Mimi Fox!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Our Skulk Runs Deep.

What an amazing day yesterday! New things accomplished, new friends made and new experiences had. I have to say that this whole business process has been extremely challenging but even more rewarding! The fact that starting a business is so hard is exactly why not everyone does it.

Rumor has it that, starting yesterday, the world will be making some positive changes. Its almost like you can feel it in the air. I truly believe that something is happening in the world. I also believe that you have to keep working at your passion no matter what is going on in the world. Just when you think things are too hard and you want to give up, that is when you are moments away from your goal!! It is SO true!

I have always dreamed of a place where people could go and we could talk about our lives without worry. people could unleash their emotions about past abortions, breakups, deaths, personal tragedy, lifestyle and gender struggles, living with chronic pain or illness, jealousy, insecurity, regret, hope...the list goes on. People don't talk about things because they are too fearful of the possible consequences and exile. Please make acceptance a part of your life. Find a reason, even if its just one, to like someone you Strongly dislike. Lets try to take "hate" out of our vocabulary. You can't change everyone, but you CAN change yourself and show that to the people around you. Maybe others will see the change in you and change themselves. LIVE IT, don't just say your a good person and talk crap about others or gossip. Discuss topics, don't rip people apart. Never say anything about someone you wouldn't say to their face. Find a positive way to tell someone they upset you, made you angry or hurt you. You can't avoid all confrontations but try and learn from them. Maybe we can decrease the frequency of confrontations.

If you know me and you are saying to yourself "Mimi Fox is full of crap, she doesn't do these things herself." I can honestly tell you that I am taking a vow myself to implement these practices into my own life. I have already started to and I will continue. It's not easy, especially after years of bad habits, though I believe people can change at any stage in life.

So will you join me? Will you make a change in your own life?

I would love to hear some results!

Now I leave you with some cuteness...

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Unleash your Hidden Fox


Hey all!! Ok so I know I promised I was going to post more frequently but now that the name is settled and the business is up and running ITS OFFICIAL!!! How Awesome!!?? SO I really will be posting so much more! No lie I can hardly contain my excitement! But why bother containing such a wicked awesome feeling?! I am using a serious amount of "!!!!" hahahha ok ok, I'll try and calm down.

Soooooo, go check out the facebook page.

It is just the beginning so everything is a bit rough around the edges but don't worry, everything will become more refined over time. You have to start somewhere! I mean only people with money start things near to perfection. Not this girl! (no disrespect to people with money, I'm totally jealous.) It's shameless plug time!

Go ahead and post that to your Facebook page will ya? Don't forget to like us! :) Hey, I gotta get the word out and I know there are people out there who support small businesses like mine! I know most of you have small businesses of your own. Im more then happy to trade a "like" for a "like" or shamelessly plug you on my blog, twitter or Facebook! It's all about support folks! Lets help each other grow and evolve!

Please post any questions or comments below. I would love to hear from my lovely readers and get to know you!

Thank you to all who have supported me thus far. You know who you are and I will find the right way to thank you some day. :)

Xoxo! <3 Mimi Fox!