Monday, February 28, 2011

Day One.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Cheesy but true. I like cheese though. It's my favorite food. In this blog you will read about my life as I see it. Kinda like "My Life as Liz." (MTV, check it out.) 

I am Starting my life over today even though its the last day of Feb, it's Monday and March starts now for me. I hope you can fallow that. I am putting my clothing company on hold to get more education in business and marketing in the fashion world. I feel it's so important to have as much knowledge about something if you plan to make it your career. I have slacked in the proper "formal" education area soooooo I said NO MORE!! Im grabbing my life by the lady parts and saying LETS DO THIS!!! You with me so far? :)

There are parts of my life where I am uncertain exactly what will happen but that's OK. I am pushing forward without fear and I'm actually pretty pumped. I'm pretty much keeping this all to myself and 2 very close friends. That's it...literally. 

Today, being day one, was filled with basic errands and some info gathering at the local college. SUCCESS ON ALL FRONTS! I also got my phone replaced, ate some Taco Bell, filled out a job application and got more propane for my space heater. Done and done!

Weather report for Day 2 is looking like more job applications with a chance of light errands.

I hope you enjoy the ride and the fashion that comes along with it. Its gonna be one Beautiful and uniquely dress journey! 

Stay close for more info! (pics are coming soon!)