Friday, August 24, 2012

The Final Countdown!

(Not my fav photo but Oh well!)

Ok so now it's time to get down to some details about whats been going on. Long story short we FINALLY have some official Hidden Fox merch on the way! I'm starting out with accessories first and working into clothing. This week I dove into learning Photoshop CS4. Not easy stuff for me as I have close to zero idea what I'm doing. A girls gotta start somewhere! Trying to find free help these days is nearly impossible so what better time to really become self sufficient then NOW?! 

I don't want to spoil the merch thats on the way but I will give you a sneak peak at some Custom HF merch. These were graciously created by Dan Auer out of natural wood. Soon you will see what they become :) (If you haven't been following, Dan has helped me develop the brand from day one and also created our logo. WE LOVE HIM! Behind every great man is an even more amazing woman and HF creative developer Cindy Auer! whom we ADORE! TY both!) 

There has been so much progress that I could go on forever but that would make this blog SUPER boring. Um...the website should be up and running soon as well. You will only be able to use Paypal to make purchases at first. We still have some details we need in place before we can take credit cards online. We will be able to take credit cards in person so ill be sure and let you know where we will be!

Don't forget that the main reason this brand was created was to say "when you wear HF you are showing people you are making positive steps towards LIFE RIGHTS" Not just human rights or animal rights, Life Rights. We support Kindness, Positive Change and Growth within ourselves and the world around us. We support each other and help one another. We will fight judging those and help those who judge us. BE A FOX! Let out the Hidden Fox in you and show the world the amazing person you are! 

Until next time, be good, be safe XOXO, 

Ps you can catch me on twitter @Ms_Mimi_Fox and Facebook. Im always here, should you ever need a friend. :) <3

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Welcome Back!

Im back in it! No time for explanations or excuses. LETS GET TO IT!!!

Here is what you missed! 

 Totally thought my lips looked really Pouty that morning...I think it was all in my head. :)
 Here is a throwback grunge look that I whipped up on a cooler lazy day. 
 Work shirt and new RED Lipstick. Felt like a total VIXON that day but got red lipstick on everything!

 Later that day at work...before we went out of business...
 Totally didn't want to go to bed but was sooo tired. Love this hair!
 Lazy day shopping with mom. (on the phone to the left) NEW HELLO KITTY SUNGLASSES!!
Lots more to report but I thought we would start off simple and fun! Hope you Enjoyed all these picks of me! :) <3

Miss Mimi Fox

(#ms_mimi_fox on Twitter)