Monday, May 23, 2011

Quitting time!

So to let you all know, it was a great run but I no longer work at the bakery. Let's just say "it wasn't working out." Hey, when you get stuck in a rut you need to change things to improve your situation. Well I know that when I become "Espy" my evil alter ego, that it's time to make some changes. I did get a new job and I can't wait to tell you all about it! Today will not be the day for that.

I wanted to talk about summer for bit. Yes that's right! We have finally moved out of the cold and into the awesome! though it has been raining like crazy in Upstate NY, I am very excited for summer! I think I have landed a pretty sweet summer job. I am also working on getting my motor cycle license and getting my bicycle in shape for some serious cruising. Its a 3 wheeled adult trike that I got at the end of the season last year so I am super ready to take it out! I took it for a ride to the laundry mat with one of my little boys a few weeks ago. I am planning a trip to the park this week for a few laps. we will see! Pics soon! oh wait I may have one!..nope but ill take ones. I'm trying to secure a front basket, travel tire pump and a water bottle holster before any major trips. The thing about riding my bike around here is that there are always huge hills and my bike doesn't have no bueno. BUT, it's an awesome ride! One day I will have a vespa but until then, trike it is!

ok well I downloaded an app on my phone that will hopefully keep me in better communication with you all. Sorry about the laps in time but hey, that is part of the reason changes had to be made!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Like Sands Through The HourGlass, So Are The Days Of Our Lives...

SO I know it has been a long time but so much has happened. Again my life has thrown me a bunch of bones and because bones are hard, they take a bit longer to get through then some other things. What I'm getting at is, my friend of 12 years father died in just 30 days from pancreatic cancer. A week before that a client at my old job as a stylist assistant at a hair salon died suddenly of a heart attack. My job has grown less interesting and more of a burden then anything. You see, working for a small business can be fun but financially it just isn't working out for me. I am looking into how to change that. I'm working on my application for school. It"s not easy at all to write about "whatever." I found that I prefer structure when it comes to writing an essay. I can give you what you want if you tell me but with entrance essays they want to see what you are capable of...the worst part about that is, too much freedom leaves you (at least me) looking at a screen, re reading what you have written and feeling like, "this sucks. I don't even want to read this." My other half said he will help me make it happen but hes currently feeling bummed out by this rainy weather and stressed about money. I know what he means. How is the weather where you are? Money is a horrible thing to be bummed about but I do have to say that my choice to go back to school will be just what i need to cure the money issue. I am not excited about the thought of using student loans to pay my way through school but it seems like all successful people do it. I mean people MUST be OK, right? Do you have student loans? Do you regret the debt or was it the best choice you ever made? 

I truly believe that if you want to make your life better, you can. I believe that if you are good to others other will be good to you. If you are only selfish about making sure you take care of yourself in the proper ways and make moves to become a better person everyday, that you can achieve anything and that you will prosper in life. Everyone has the ability to be wealthy in money as well as love and friends. With love and friends you will always have family. When life gets hard you don't throw your hands in the air and give up. you stay positive and keep striving for the tools you need to make it right. With death there is nothing you can do other then accept that's just what the path was. With money problems just keep envisioning the money to fix the issue. Do NOT worry about where the money may come from, just stay positive and the answer will come. any form of doubt will halt a resolution.

I wanted to take a moment to write you this entry for a few reasons. First to apologize for the laps in entries. Second, to create a thought process about life when you may be feeling less then strong. Third, to say that life is a wonderful thing even with all its struggle. I can say with every struggle I have gained strength and wisdom.

I am doing well and finding peace in my forward progression. Though sleep can be hard at times, I know I want amazing things and I will not stop until I have had all of the experiences I desire. Please have a wonderful weekend and feel free to leave comments or questions. :)