Monday, February 27, 2012

Crunches, Curls and Oreos, OH MY!!

OH BOY, has it been a while since I have posted! Quite a lot has been going on so I will catch you up as best as I can.

Lets first talk about how things are progressing personally. I am almost through all of my dental appointments. Id say about half way. Endoscopy is in March, wisdom teeth removal consult is in April. Still struggling with the leg pain but taking it one day at a time and well...thats about that!

As you may know I have been feeling kind of beat up lately. Especially with all of the health stuff. I decided I was tired of feeling down, having a major lack of energy and motivation and overall crappy. I kept putting myself into "cookie holes." Kinda like a "K" whole but Oreos where my drug. Man I love a good Oreo! Double Stuffed of course! So 2 weeks and 2 packs of Oreos later I made a move. I picked up "Jackie Warners 30 Day Fast Start DVD." BOY does it kick my butt! Im taking it a little slow as of now and trying to focus more on the things I am putting into my body. The more crap you put in the worse you feel is SOOOOO true! I'm telling you, if you want to FEEL results fast, pick it up for less then $10 at your local Walmart. I wont go into giving a full review but feel free to google the snot out of it. Im a big fan of Jackie and her show "Work Out." this is the first full week of workouts for me so I am still at the beginning of this whole thing. I already feel like I have a bit more energy and more strength. Along side the DVD I am also using "My Fitness Pal" to keep track of my daily intake. I am trying not to obsess over it and just use it as a guide. No super human, Hulk strength yes but I notice a change when I left trays at work and my energy when I am awake. Waking up is still VERY hard. WOOT! Beach Booty Here I Come!!! Is anyone else starting a workout program?

I would also like to announce Pedro Rodriguez! He will help us bring HF designs to life! He has wicked amazing graphic design skills and has offered to help us on our journey!!! Please check out his personal line Devils Blood! It may seem like an interesting match but this man is well versed and extremely talented. He has a passion for graphic design like no one else I have encountered! I am THRILLED and OVERJOYED that he has offered to help out HIDDEN FOX!! This also means, MERCH SOON!!!! (for real this time :))

Have you checked out the HF Facebook page lately? It really is a great way to keep up with the day to day influences and up coming excitement! There have been quite a few Fox Sightings lately and a few more to come! Lets get the hype started so we can make some big moves this spring! Let me know of anything going on in your town in 2012 and I will personally look into making HF part of your year!

I'll stop here because I could keep writing forever. I'll spare you and give you a bonus post later. Hahah! Here is a little something to keep you smiling until then. This is a video shared by fellow skulk member Kathy Gibson! Thank You Kathy!!

Ill stop here because I could keep writing forever. Ill spare you and give you a bonus post. Hahah! here is a little something to keep you smiling. This is a video shared by fellow skulk member Kathy Gibson!

Miss Mimi Fox!

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