Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Foxintine's Day!!!

Well Happy Valentine's Day! If you are interested in a little history lesson on how this day came to be, Click LOVE.

Stand up for love, romance and all the gushy stuff. Most people rebel against this day due to being burned so many times. More then not, people feel its "cool" to rebel against this day. "flowers are stupid and a waste of money" If you read home decorating magazines, they always say fresh flowers bring great energy into a home and you should have them everyday. Isn't it easier to do when someone else buys them for you? ;) Also, I see women all the time on Facebook saying how they had a hard day and are in serious need of chocolate. Well ladies, today is the day for you! Free Chocolate!!! Then there is the card. Sure depending on the card you can end up in a roaring laugh or sobbing your girly eyes out. Bring it on! Last but not least, the possibilities of fine jewelry. Again, ITS FREE!!! What are you complaining about?! Now lets break this down on the mens side of things. I know for years I always felt it was necessary to give them something as well. Men always feel like the women have all the fun with holidays. Surprise your man with HIS favorite candy, a little risky outfit and a fun little gadget he's been wanting. For years I actually gave my sweetheart flowers as well. You wouldn't believe how much men (secretly) like getting flowers!

For the singles... I stated in a previous post, make it about you. I still believe strongly in this. You should always keep your faith in that "happy ending." Do good, think positive and good will come to you, I PROMISE! My cousin is getting together with a bunch of her friends tonight for dinner. Thats what I did last year. Remember the history. Its about standing up for love and believing in it. Your prince or princess will come. Did you read that, I said WILL come. :) Believe!!! Go out tonight and have some fun. Go get that decadent dessert you always keep yourself from. Take that extra long shower or bath. Dance in your undies like no one is watching! Chances are there is someone out there as lonely as you, waiting for the day to meet you so you can begin your love affair. Either way you are NOT alone. Even though I have a partner in crime, I will still be alone tonight and I also have to work and serve food to the happy couples. Hugs*!!!!

To all of you, have an AMAZING and LOVELY DAY!!!
Your Foxintine Miss Mimi Fox!

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  1. Lovely words Em!! :D As you know, I am single but was sooo pleasantly surprised by some roses from a secret admirer which I did not expect at all! I feel so special! I was perfectly content with the day just being filled with lunch with some family and friends but it turned out to be a more loved filled day than I expected!