Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just the Meat and Potatoes

There are lots of updates and tons of foxtastic things going on. First of all HAPPY SEPTEMBER!!! I know its sad that the summer is over but I was born in October and feel like that is my strongest time of year. I feel comfortable in the warm colors of fall and the cozy clothing where you don't have to layer up too much just yet. You can still be outside and the air smells different and wonderful. I especially love apple picking and pumpkins and the golden glow everything seems to have. Not to mention apple cider and apple cider donuts! I could honestly go on about all the amazing things about fall! On to updates though.

Every budding entrepreneur that doesn't come from money and doesn't have grants, needs a way to fund their business. That usually means working a full time job and working on your own business part time. I had a really great job at the beginning of the summer that was supposed to go until November. It ended 3 months early because the company was for sale and then it sold. The entire month of August I have been unemployed which has made things pretty difficult but I have been able to adapt. I finally got a new job yesterday which should prove to get me out of the red and into the black in about 1- 2 months. I have not stopped working on The Hidden Fox though. The website is up and is being worked on. My wonderful boyfriend has been helping me as much as he can in between the millions of things he has going on in his own life. He is in his third year of college, as an adult going back, so things have slowed due to his school. I am not well versed in website creating so youtube and google have been my best friends throughout this website process. I have also been able to purchase some product and have also created some product myself. I always wanted HF to be a combination of really great finds and products created by HF itself. I will always make sure that whatever we offer you, will speak perfectly about what we represent. We have been trying to put product up on the website but we are having some layout issues with how the content is appearing in the shop. Set backs happen so I'm working on things I can do when I hit a wall. 

Every good blog needs pics. I haven't been going out much or even putting makeup on so I haven't really been taking pics or outfits or hair. I hope to fix that for you all very soon. :) Its very hard to balance a facebook page, twitter account, blog, website and linked in account along with your normal life. That stuff plus dishes (no dishwasher,) laundry, 4 pets, car, food, daily hygiene, job...Again, I could go on, is SOOO overwhelming. Its worth it when you have a dream but takes a bit to get under control and in a routine of. 

I only remember a short portion of my life being my vein days. Snapping photos of myself and my friends, going to parties and dancing. I am trying to harness that part of me and keep you all updated on whats going on and not just how fabulous I look that day. Haha! I want HF to be about more then JUST the fashion. I want you to know ME like I want to know all of YOU! I  encourage you to tell me about you and about what you would like to see HF become and what it can offer all of you. I promise I will make the product available as soon as we fix the kinks and then WATCH OUT because the Foxes are taking over! 

<3 Xoxo,

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